Web Development

Some of My Projects:

Conviveo – Professional IT Consulting:


WSAF (Warwick Student Arts Festival) 2010:

WSAF 2010 Site

Wagtastic Professional Dog Grooming:

Wagtastic - Qualified professional dog grooming

West Side Story (MTW – Music Theatre Warwick):

Was www.westsidestorymtw.co.uk

http://westsidestorymtw.pocketgizmo.com SPLAT 2009 (WSAF under a different name):

http://old.wsaf.org.uk Angle Consulting:

http://www.angleconsulting.comAndrew Pearlman – Development Consulting (2010):

Warwick Drama Collective web site and Submissions system:

http://dc.uwcs.co.ukAnd a few others:

  • Toyer Technologies web site, although this was never offically finshed as the development of their product stopped.
  • Diet Controller – Diet Software for Mac and PC (+ Linux) – www.dietcontroller.com
  • Not forgetting the ever so slightly outdated PocketGizmo web site – www.pocketgizmo.com (needs a revamp I think!)

Older Private Projects:


An online IOU system for me and my 3 house mates at the time, to allow us to keep on top of who owes who and how much money.  (I will put up a link to a demo version shortly)


An automatic pit stop strategy calculator for the online game: F1-TM (www.f1-tm.com). Just a simple script in php to help me work out the best pit stop strategy, for back in the day when I use to play this game. – pocketgizmo.com/f1-tm