Changing The Page Position of WordPress Pages & Categtories

I decided it would be better if I had my list of pages for my new shiny blog along the main navigation area (under the title) instead of hidden away at the top of the page! So… In case anybody else wants to do the same thing I will tell you how!

Edit the file: wp-content/themes/<Your theme’s name here>/header.php

NOTE: you can either do this in your favourite text editor OR in the WordPress admin area, under Appearance > Editor

Scroll down and find the line that goes something like this:

Then find the line that goes like this:

Now if you want to swap your pages with your categories simply swap the two lines above over… Ooo an remember to save.

In my case I wanted to remove the list from right at the top of the page as I added a category widget to the right hand side of my blog (as you may have noticed), so I removed the code that went: “wp_list_categories” altogether.

That’s it… refresh your browser and like magic your list of blog pages will now be where the list of categories used to be.