Missile Command (Java Applet)

I couple of years ago I decided it would be good idea to learn Java. Then after finishing my book Java in 24 Hours – good book by the way, I decided to try out my new Java skills, and what better way than with a game! The first game that sprang to mind was the old favourite missile command, a weekend later and I had myself a missile command game.

Screen shot of Missile Command, click the link below to play!

I knocked up a webpage and a high score system for it and ran it on a test server and only gave a few friends access to have ago. But here we are a few years on and I found my old missile command game, so I thought to myself lets put that on my new shiny blog (and obviosuly test it a few times to make sure it still works 🙂 )… So here it is with high scores and all:

Missile Command – Java Applet

I haven’t bothered (yet!!!) to change the look of the page(s) or the images or anything from it’s orginal design. But that may yet change 🙂