Code Club – Space Invaders

I’ve been running a Code Club at a school only a few miles away from where I work for 5 weeks now and I’ve been thoroughly enjoying it. Although it does a good job of challenging for ‘busiest hour’ of my week award each time.

As the children had already done some scratch (namely “Whack-a-Witch”) in year 5 we decided to jump straight into the Level 2 projects provided by Code Club. Starting with the Fish Chomp one which the children completed in the first two weeks without any major hiccups. We then moved onto the fruit machine, this provided a fair bit of amusement with the images changing too fast to be able to tell what they were and similar. The main parts the children found challenging were:

  • The event broadcasting
  • The large nested conditional statement at the end of the project (to determine if the player had won).
  • Scoping of variables (using “For this sprite only” for some variables and “For all sprites” for others.)

About half the group advanced onto the “What’s that” project and faced some of the same complications.

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