I like programming… Whether it’s for the web or a desktop or a server. Unfortunately though I haven’t really had time recently to do any major desktop software development, as I have either been doing web development or University work. But the few things I have managed to do have either been in Python or C++.

Anyway this lovely page is going to hold all major coding developments of mine and maybe in some cases links to the source code. Below are the two commercial products I have launched so far (although both are now quite old) along with links to other software bits and bobs I have done along the way.

Missile Command (Java Applet)

A Java applet (runs in your web browser – very neat) that I wrote a few years ago just after learning Java.

Screen shot of Missile Command, click the link below to play!

Missile Command – Java Applet


Simply a scientific calculator for the Pocket PC (originally developed for Windows Mobile 2003), it lets you enter equations straight into it and will work it all out for you:


TotalCalc Screen shot - running on Windows Mobile 2005

Unfortunately the graphics for the program are a spot interesting on a new Windows Mobile device as it was developed for a 240 x 320 screen and doesn’t seem a massive fan of these new higher res screens.

TicTacToe Pro

I think this is quite possibly the best tictactoe (naughts and crosses) game ever created – although I would say that :-)!

Written in for Windows Mobile 2003 I orginally sold it for a very resonable $1.00 but as it got a bit out dated and I went on to other stuff I decided free was the way to go.

TicTacToe Screeshot

TicTacToe Pro Screen Shot - Running under Windows Mobile 2003

Download TicTacToe Pro:

TicTacToe Pro-Setup.exe