Using a non-integer primary key with Symfony’s Admin Generator

When Symfony creates an Admin module automatically its default routing setup only allows it to work with an integer based primary key. This means you can’t use a unique varchar column as your primary key, for example. There is however an easy way to solve this and tell Symfony to match other characters in its routing module. All you need to do is update your routing.yml file adding the requirements parameter like so:

 class: sfPropelRouteCollection    
   model:                user_languages
   module:               user_languages
   prefix_path:          /languages
   column:               iso
   with_wildcard_routes: true
 requirements:  { id: "[a-zA-Z]+" }

The above pattern will match any number of characters, and won’t worry about the case. However you could make this pattern match anything you wanted, the string must be a valid regular expression pattern the same as you would use for preg_match and similar.

Update to sdInteractiveChartPlugin for Symfony PHP

sdInteractiveChartPlugin has been updated to version to 0.3 to fix two little issues:

  • Symfonys sfOutputEscaperArrayDecorator objects can now be passed directly to the charting plugin and it will correctly format the values from the object.
  • Added support for automatically loading the Javascript files over https if the page request is over SSL.

More info and the download for the plugin can be found here: